Watsonville Mobile Headlight Restoration and Auto Detailing

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                             Mobile Head Light Restoration and Auto Detailing

Over time, plastic light covers become discolored, foggy, scratched, clouded, and yellowed by the harmful effects of the sun and other factors.  This natural deterioration can be extremely dangerous when driving at night.  Dealer replacements can cost hundreds of dollars to replace per headlight.

Our process will renew factory covers back to their orginal appearance.  The solution is to resurface the cover through a wet-sanding compound process.  This process will remove the oxidation, which causes the problem.

For many cars, dingy, foggy or hazy headlights are a problem beyond just cosmetics.  Sure, cars with yellowed headlights do look unattractive (especially on our otherwise well-taken-care-of vehicles).  But there is a bigger less noticeable problem — it’s diminished distance and clarity of your headlights.

Cloudy, yellow headlights reduce your headlight’s distance by as much as 40%!

Here are the benefits from our headlight restoration service:

  1. Much less expensive than new headlights.
  2. Safer night time driving
  3. Improved appearance of your car
  4. Lasts for years
  5. Removes that cloudy surface